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Best Construction Company in Pakistan

Hamara Mazdoor is the best construction company in Pakistan, that is known for their well-recognized ability to deliver timely and budget-friendly projects of exceptional quality and for their extensive tool and plant fleet. We are taking our experience to a wide range of industries, including commercial office, residential and mixed-use. We provide the requisite manpower, resources, machinery, equipment, temporary services and facilities to complete a project construction by using subcontractors, vendors and our professional teams.

Construction Company

Professional services are a crucial bridgehead in our growth markets with a strong presence in the construction and building industry. We continue to expand and deepen our technical proficiency and provide end-to-end solutions including research, guidance and planning. Our professional services range from consulting and planning to software design and engineering. We provide extensive program management, project and design services.

HamaraMazdoor is proud to be Pakistan’s first construction company to offer a full range of pre-build services. Our primary goal is to maximize customers ‘ return on investment by offering the perfect solutions specifically tailored to each project. HamaraMazdoor believes the efforts made in time leading up to the start of construction are critical to the success of a project. When pre-construction services are implemented, the decisions made during the construction phase can save our customers time and money significantly.

construction company in pakistan

The project is completely configured during pre-construction, from all aspects of budgeting and pricing to scheduling and execution of projects. Our customers will receive a full critical path analysis planned and clarified by our experienced and qualified experts, along with our team’s complete feasibility and market analysis. The plan is established during pre-construction, and where it is implemented during construction.

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Hamara MAzdoor is a diverse Pakistan-based contracting company, uniting operating companies across multiple business lines, construction, production of infrastructure, property and civil engineering. One of the prominent features is its widespread office network, which means the firm is always open to its customers.

It’s Hamara MAzdoor philosophy to give its customers real value and collaborate with them in strong and enduring partnership that delivers outstanding performance in terms of sustaining, innovating, and improving built environments. We built some of the most daunting housing & residential projects and marked our reputation as one of Pakistan’s best high-rise residential construction business.

home Construction

Home is like a heaven on earth for everyone. We have successfully completed several house construction projects. We offer matchless standard at affordable rates as a construction company in Pakistan. We have all the necessary experience in providing construction service in Pakistan, including efficient construction plan, lower rates compared to other companies, timely execution, and quality work.

Complete Renovation Services

The Hamara Mazdoor company has a national presence in Pakistan as a builder, contractor and construction company. We give our valued clients high quality services across all industries and have set a strong industry benchmark. Hamara Mazdoor company is originally based in Gujrat, Lahore and Karachi and offers a wide range of services to a wide range of customers.

Renovation means you want your house or apartment presence more attractive and comfortable. Well, it is quite difficult to plane this project and find a perfect company that will renovate the house in reasonable budget. Hamara Mazdoor contruction company offering a service of renovation in very reasonable budget. We have  a professionals who will take care of everything and will make this project more beautiful and attractive.

Things that are include in renovation:

  • Floor Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Kitchens and Storage
  • Painting
  • Doors

Building Commercial Success

If you’re looking for a professional service in Commercial construction then you’ve come to the right place. Hamara Mazdoor Construction Company is one of Pakistan’s largest industrial construction firms. We’re well positioned in the market for commercial construction contractor.

commercial construction

Hamara Mazdoor Company has built some of the most daunting housing & residential projects and marked our reputation as one of Pakistan’s best high-rise residential construction business. We have all the experience that is necessary to provide commercial building construction service in Pakistan such as efficient construction plan, timely execution and quality work etc. Beyond this, we offer our services in a reasonable price.

Interior Designing Service

Interior design is the art and science of optimizing a building’s interior to construct a safer and more aesthetically appealing atmosphere for the room users. An interior designer is someone who plans, research, coordinates and manages projects of this kind of enhancement. Interior design is a multifaceted discipline that involves creative development, space designing, site assessments, organizing, analysis, coordination with project partners, building management, and design execution.

interior designing service

Hamara Mazdoor construction company is one of most leading companies in Pakistan. We offer wide range of services and Interior designing is one of them. We have a team of professionals that completely change your living space and will give a fresh look. Living space represent the person personality, so it should be nice and well designed. So contact us now and get our services.

Hamara Mazdoor company does all civil work and machinery work required for the swimming pool project. Estimated cost for any swimming pool project is 2800 PKrs/sqft. This includes all material and labor charges. Generally required items for a swimming pool of the size of 15×20 is given below.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool making

Swimming Pool equipment

Solar panels

Swimming pool constructors

A wall panel is a single piece of cardboard, usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape, which acts as the clear, uncovered wall cover. Wall panels are both practical and decorative, offering insulation and soundproofing, together with a standard appearance, along with some indication of longevity or ease of replacement.

interior designing

Usage of wall panels can minimize building costs by giving the paneled surface a smooth look without allowing paint or other finishing material to be added. Whether the other side is against a brick or concrete wall, or a similar structure, wall panels should be completed on one side only. Alternatively, if attached to an appropriate frame, the panels will replace some other form of a wall. Holes may be bored into a wall panel or drilled to accommodate electrical outlets and other tools coming out of the wall.

There’s a different kind of environmentally conscious 3d wall panel made from sugarcane fibrous residue. This fiber of crushed sugarcane stalks, remaining after removing raw sugar from the sugarcane juice by shredding it, is now the raw material, called bagasse, which forms the base of this eco-friendly commodity that is quickly set up.

These panels are very common because they are water-repellent and mildew-resistant and can be used in everywhere house. PVC panels are 100 times better than paint. HamaraMazdoor construction company is one of the leading brand in construction industry that offers all kind of services including Wall pailing or PVC Panelling. HamaraMazdoor builders offers it services all pver Pakistan.

Estimated Cost: 

Below is the estimated cost of rooms, this cost include all material that will be used. For further Information you can contact us.

Room size (12×16)  = 35,000

Room size (14×20)  = 45,000

Below is the few images of our own going project.

Wall Pailing

Wall paneling

PVC Panels

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